Silviculture research or nonprofit and small business profiles. General technical reports or long-form journalism and blog posts. One of my talents as a writer is adapting my writing style to the format desired by the client or editor. I can also write on a variety of topics and optimize my writing for SEO when asked.

My education has been quite varied: Bachelor of Arts in English from St. Martins College, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Resource Management (emphasis on sustainable forestry) from the University of Washington,  a Master of Science (coursework included science communication and silviculture) from the University of Washington, and a Certificate in Editing also from the University of Washington.

This combination of education means that I am capable of delivering quality writing on a variety of topics that requires minimal editing. If you are interested in contracting my writing services, please email me via my LinkedIn profile.

Here at a quick glance are a selection of my writings.

Magazine articles

Blog Posts

Science Writing

U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report


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