Assisted Migration: Growing Forests Adapted to the Future

The Forestry Source January 2014 Of the management strategies available to create resilient, productive forests in a changing climate, assisted migration is one strategy that is prompting much discussion within the forestry community. Assisted migration is viewed as a proactive strategy because many tree species do not have the ability to adapt or migrate naturally […]

The Challenges of Active Forest Management in an Ecological Reserve

The Forestry Source September 2013 When your Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) requires an accelerated development of a second-growth forest into a late-successional forest, that’s a tall order to carry out especially when there isn’t an established silvilculture prescription to create such a forest structure. And when your prescriptions call for thinning in a landscape that […]

The Many Faces of the University of Washington’s Pack Forest

TimberWest May/June 2013 When you visit the Charles L. Pack Experimental Forest, you are not just taking a walk through a forest, you’re seeing sustainability in action. Through spacing trials, selection thinning, fertilizer treatments, and ecosystem-value services research, the Center of Sustainable Forestry demonstrates that sustainability and active forest management are not mutually exclusive. Read […]