Ranch in Hand, Two Budding Ag Entrepreneurs Seek to Grow Pastured Poultry Business

Seedstock.com February 20, 2013 It’s quiet right now at the Greenhorn Ranch, but come Friday, after the first batch of chicks is delivered, Terry Gentry and Joan Hurst will be busy for the next eight months nurturing and processing chickens. As owners of G & H Pastured Poultry LLC, their mission is to raise healthy […]

Fledgling Biochar Company Makes it Better, Faster, Cheaper to Build Healthy Soil

Seedstock.com February 18, 2013 Soil is not just a growing medium; it is an ecosystem whose health affects the yield and taste of produce. “Synthetic fertilizer increases [crop] yield,” says J.D. Tovey, chief marketing officer of Carbon Cultures, “but it’s artificial. Biochar is about increasing the health of the soil.” And that is the mission […]

Urban Pollination Company Brings Honey Bees to Rooftops and Backyards Across Seattle Area

Seedstock.com February 4, 2013 He wasn’t aware of any urban bee pollination companies, and if the idea still sounded reasonable after a night’s sleep, Corky Luster decided he would pursue such a venture. The idea still sounded reasonable in the morning, and so, the Ballard Bee Company began. Read more…