Going Beyond Nonperishables at Seattle’s Rainier Valley Food Bank

Seedstock.com April 16, 2013 It is no longer just nonperishable items consisting of canned vegetables, pasta, or packaged meals filling the shelves of food banks in the city of Seattle, Washington. Instead, canned food is being supplemented with produce grown on local urban farms and neighborhood P-patches. The shift in the food system toward growing […]

Seattle Neighborhood Transforms Patch of Grass into Community Orchard

Seedstock.com May 7, 2013 “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a community orchard?” That question posed by Aviva Furman to her neighbor, Narcissa Nelson, was the beginning of the Community Orchard of West Seattle (COWS). This 1/8 acre demonstration garden showcases what a bit of networking, volunteerism and community support can achieve. Read more…

Beacon Food Forest Brings Together Diverse Community to Regenerate Public Lands

Seedstock.com April 10, 2013 Young fruit and nut trees, P-patch beds, and woodchip paths are just the latest milestones of a three-year volunteer effort to create a food forest in the city of Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. This food forest represents “exactly the opposite of the tragedy of the commons,” said Glenn Herlihy, manager of […]